Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kate's Letters

Dear Baby Kate

     My first couple days knowing who you are have been among the most amazing of my life.  I know pregnancy has made me emotional in general, but I can't think about our future with you without tears making my mascara run.  To say that I can't wait to hold you in my arms is a complete understatement.

     I'm feeling you move around a good bit...especially after I eat chocolate. :)  Your daddy felt you move once the other day.  You must have been doing karate kicks in there!  I've still yet to feel you move that strongly since.  I think you were just showing off. :)

     Thanks for finally letting your mama feel a little better in the mornings.  It's been a long time coming, my dear!  Right now you're loving jalapeño peppers and anything spicy.  I've been adding them to everything...including my egg sandwich I just devoured about 15 minutes ago.

     We're having a hard time picking out your things because we want them to be perfect for you.  For example, you have baby bedding, but you don't have a crib yet. :)

     I thought you may get a kick of out this.  Above are the mints my parents received when I was born.  Below is the rubber bracelet we were given when we found out that you're a little girl.  The times have definitely changed!  

We love you, baby girl.

your Mama

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