Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby Watch: 34 weeks

34 weeks.  
Say what?!?!

In some ways I feel like I've been pregnant for 3 years...haha.  For example, we've moved 3 times since I've been pregnant.  (Moved apartments in Lakeland, moved temporarily back to Georgia after leaving Lakeland, and then moved to Ocala.)  Things like that tend to make a pregnancy feel very, very long...haha.

But in some ways, I find it very hard to believe we are 6 weeks away from baby girl's due date!  Brian and I shared a good laugh at the grocery store yesterday because when I picked up a carton of eggs, the "best by" date was June 8!  We really thought that put things into perspective as to how close we are.  Our eggs will ALMOST last until her due date! haha.

I just got the last of the shower pictures so a post on that is coming soon, but in the meantime, I thought we'd do a "weeks" check-in.  I wanted to do this one a little differently.  Instead of finding a list of questions, I wanted to talk about the things on my mind as opposed to being prompted.  I feel like that gives you a much better idea of where I am and how I'm feeling! :)

Current loves:  
putting the finishing touches on the nursery
I don't even think this needs explanation.  It's just so much fun!  Sometimes I just wander in there and stare at her things. :)

getting baby presents (duh!)
Who doesn't love opening sweet, precious, baby things?!  I'm dead serious when I say I love opening gifts that are practical JUST as much as adorable, monogrammed things!  

spending quality time with Brian as a "couple" before we become a "family"
This is a BIG one for us right now.  We are being very mindful and trying to enjoy every little activity as a couple.  We're talking everything from peaceful grocery shopping, to dinner, to church, etc.  For example, we went to see a movie in the theater yesterday for the first time in ages.  We're trying to do things that will be a lot more complicated once Kate is here.  Don't take this the wrong way...we can't WAIT for her to be here, but we just want to appreciate the simpleness before it's gone. :)

childbirth classes
Ok, I have to be honest.  Brian and I really didn't want to take  Maybe we're naive, but sometimes I just feel like I'd rather learn as I go...haha.  I mean, I read baby books out of curiosity, so I felt like I had a good knowledge base.  However, when we pre-registered at our hospital, we learned that childbirth classes, baby basics, and breastfeeding classes were all completely free to us.  As some of you know, this is rare, so we talked about it and finally decided it'd be a good way to pass the last month before she's due since people say the time tends to drag.  (Yep, we're learning it does! haha)

Well, our first class was this past Thursday, and can I say we had the MOST fun!  We were both surprised, but we really enjoyed it.  It was fun to hang out with other pregnant couples due around the same time.  We actually laughed a lot! haha.  Turns out, it's a good "date night" that costs no money and doesn't revolve around food.  We're glad we decided to take the classes. :)

Current challenges: 
*DISCLAIMER*: I really don't want these to come across as complaining!  These are just currently things I'm dealing with that are well, well worth suffering for our little blessing.

hand/feet swelling
This is something I really didn't expect to deal with.  I'm not really sure why, because my hands actually swell when I eat a meal high in sodium even when I'm not pregnant.  So I guess, if I'd have given it any thought, I'd have expected this.  But my hands swell really, REALLY badly.  Don't worry, my doctor is aware of this, and so far my blood pressure is fine.  So really it's just aggravating because it's caused carpel tunnel which has caused finger numbness/tingling in my right hand.  Some things that are hard when you can feel your fingers?  Straightening your hair (can't tell when you're burning them), cooking, putting on jewelry, etc.  So as long as this doesn't get dangerous, I just have to deal with the ugliness and aggravation of it! haha.

morning sickness
Oh yes.  Say hello to the old enemy.  It's  Apparently if you were one of the ones who has nausea/vomiting well into the second trimester, it can come back in late pregnancy.  Well, it did...haha.  And it's not fun.  I struggle to function before about   I only end up throwing up once or twice a week, but if I had a job and was working and couldn't "coax" myself into my days, I have a feeling it'd happen more often.

This is caused by a combination of things.  There's the lack of sleep from heartburn, aches & pains, being uncomfortable, etc.  Then there's the pure heaviness of carrying your very pregnant body.  I'm just blessed that I'm not working and I can lay around if I feel like I need to.  Trust me, not working doesn't make me feel any less fatigued.  I wish it worked that way! haha.  Actually, my busy days are a little better because I'm more distracted from it.

mood swings
Worse than ever....haha.  I cry over anything and everything...even commercials.  I cry because I don't feel well.  I cry because I'm excited about Kate.  I cry because I have such an amazing husband.  (I'm NOT kidding.  One day I seriously sat on the couch bawling as I thanked God for him!)  I cry because I miss my family.  I mean...y'all.  Can we say basket case?

So, that's that.  We are closing in on the home stretch, and we could not be more excited.  I try to look at the challenges and realized how blessed I am to have them...because it means we have a little miracle growing inside me.  This whole pregnancy I'd been absolutely terrified of labor (and I mean, I'm still nervous let's be real...), but it's starting to be SO outweighed with the excitement of meeting her.  Please keep our little growing family in your prayers!

Until next time...xoxo.