Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby is a...


And even more importantly to us, she is healthy.  
Her anatomy scan showed no abnormalities!
We praise the Lord for this...
because ultimately, that's all that matters.
We are please to introduce...
Kathryn Josie Mathes
We're calling her, "Kate."

Kathryn and Josie are both family names.
Kathryn is my middle name (or was before I took my maiden name), and it was my Dad's grandmother's name.  Josie was Brian's grandmother's name.  You may remember me talking about how much we loved her in this post.
And we're calling her Kate to give her a little something of her own. :)

For our gender reveal, we had purchased a plain onesie and two different iron-on appliqués from Hobby Lobby.  (One was a tie and the other a pink, sequin tiara.)  We sent the picture on the top left to friends and family early in the day, and as we FaceTimed/Skyped that evening, 
we help up the onesie with the tiara.
Then we posted this picture on Facebook! :)

So as I mentioned, we spent yesterday evening on FaceTime/Skype with our family and friends.  They're all excited to have a little girl to spoil and love.
(As are we...DUH.  As if I even needed to say so!)

But before we did that yesterday evening,
 we spent the day shopping!
We held off registering for anything gender specific knowing we have sneaky friends and family, but we did BUY a few gender specific things.

On the left is our gender reveal onesie.  On the right is a little onesie Brian picked our for her.  When he brought it to me at the store how could I say no?  It melted my heart to see her Daddy picking out clothes for her...
And in the middle is a pink, fru-fru mudpie headband/bow.  I love it!

I was personally thrilled to see that there were still a few Christmas items on clearance!
To the left is a little onesie with a sequin snowflake.  
On the right is a 3-piece dress, tights, and hat set.
In the middle is a precious pair of Christmas socks.  I love them...they're my favorite. :)

I've already been shopping today as well.
(I know, I need to pace myself before we go broke.)
But remember that fabric I said I loved for a girl?  (In case you don't, I posted it below.)
Well, I'm super excited to say that her bedding will incorporate that fabric!
I can hardly wait.  I am beyond excited!
I'm thinking the nursery walls will be an extremely pale pink...probably the color of the little flower shapes that form a pearl-like design on the fabric.
White crib, obviously.

And thanks to a friend that tipped me off to a Vera Bradley baby bag sale, I've also now ordered Kate's diaper bag!  This past Christmas Brian's mom gave me a wallet in the same print.  It's their "Safari Sunset."


Brian and I would be happy either way, but now that we know our little squirt is a baby girl,
 it's exactly what we wanted. :)
Now I absolutely cannot wait for June.
Until next time...xoxo.

20 weeks


  1. You better believe I am going to be sending you monogrammed hair bows and everything Lilly looking your way!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am over the moon happy for you both!



  2. My prediction was totally wrong! Congrats on your sweet baby girl! I love seeing your bump pictures. You, ma'am, are one beautiful pregnant lady!