Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kate's Letters

Dear Baby Kate

     We cannot wait for you to get here.  Seriously.  Your daddy and I still have things to do to get ready for you, but we are just so ready to meet you!  
     We looked up full moon dates last night hoping there'd be one around your due date.  No luck!  The one before your due date you'd be pretty early, and the one after your due date you'd be pretty late!  Let's hope there's not much truth to that whole full moon=labor thing. ;)
     You got the sweetest gifts at the most beautiful baby showers this past weekend.  I really need to get on it and post about it.  We are so close to having everything you need, and that puts your mama at ease.
    You are so incredibly strong.  Your daddy and I sit and stare as you make my belly do waves when you move.
     I also find myself wandering into your nursery just looking around and smiling.  I tend to get a bit weepy when I think that we are less than two months away from meeting you!
     I just want you to know that all the swelling in the world, all the pain and discomfort, the tossing and turning at night, the numb hands, the nausea, the pales in comparison to the excitement I feel when I think about meeting you.  You are so, so, so loved, baby girl.
Here you are a week ago...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Two Months in the Making (oops!)

Well, oops.  It's been 2 months since my last post.  I see that I need to update pretty badly, because in my last update...little Kinney Hammond hadn't been born yet!  Now she's almost 2 months old!

I visited the besties (Kinney's parents Lauren and Adam) in Memphis last month, and noticed when I got home that I didn't really take any pictures with my friends!  LOL.  Shame on me.  I was so wrapped up in this little bundle of cuteness that the love of two of my favorite people created that she stole all the camera time.  Kinney is a miracle!  I can't wait for Kate to meet her. :)  Get a load of this precious doll!  She was about 3.5 weeks old here.  And she has already changed so should see her beautiful newborn pictures.

As for me and the mister, we have officially become Floridians (driver's licenses and all), and he officially owns and operates a Chick-fil-A.  (That's a whole different post in and of itself!)  Brian has now been in the store five days, and our new place is slowly coming together.  We're waiting on a couple pieces of new furniture to be delivered before we hang pictures and put the final touches on things.

We have finally been able to work on the nursery!  Since I'm 30 weeks in 2 days, I was starting to feel a little bit behind being in my third trimester of pregnancy having -nothing- done.  I can be pretty type-A personality though, so we're probably just right on time. ;)

We painted the walls a "pale" pink.  I use the quotations because it turned out way more "pink" than I wanted anticipated.  But it's ok.  I mean, she is a girl, after all. ;)  The handy husband (new nickname?) put together her crib, and we are currently working on a painting project to turn an old computer desk into a changing table/bookshelf/dresser/etc.

Oh, and how could I forget?!  Kate's bedding came this week!  I love it every bit as much as I expected to.  Here's a little sneak peek!

And here little Kate is in her belly home at 29 weeks 5 days.  I feel so large and so pregnant that I can't believe we have 10 weeks left until she's due.  I feel like I can't get any bigger, but I know I will...haha.  As much as I despise what the extra weight has done to the rest of my body, I do love and adore my bump.  There's just something about knowing it's a warm, cozy home for Kate that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  Oh, and can you please check out those sausage fingers?!  They are HUGE.  I cannot wear my ring.  I bought fakes at Claire's for $11...

And I haven't done this in a here goes nothing! :)

How far along: 29 weeks 5 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: A lot.  Despite exercise and a fairly sensible diet.  Most of the time. ;)

Maternity clothes: Are needed.  I ordered some things online from Old Navy that I hope fit because I need something to wear to baby showers...LOL.  I can't just wear yoga pants and a tee like I do every day at home.  (See above pic!)

Stretch marks: No new ones that I didn't already have from the past.  I'm actually thankful for my old ones at the moment because at least they are white and not as noticeable. :)

Sleep: I feel guilty because I still sleep like a baby!  Apparently that's almost unheard of in the third trimester.  I mean, I do get up to use the bathroom and toss and turn more than normal, but I have no trouble falling immediately back asleep...

Best moment last week: A much needed pedicure for my seriously aching feet after the move/unpacking.

Movement: All. the. time.  And she is getting SO strong...  I love to just stare at my belly and watch her. :)

Food cravings:  I seriously haven't had any SERIOUS cravings.  I want sweets in general a lot these days.  I sometimes want a a regular coke.  For those of you who know me, that's weird.  I'm a very big water and only water drinker...I didn't even drink diet drinks or anything pre-pregnancy.  That's how I KNOW that's a pregnancy  Oh, and cutie oranges. :)

Gender: little girl :)

Labor signs: nothing...and I hope not for a WHILE.  We're not ready!  We have tons to

Belly button - in or out? in.

What I miss: Honestly?  Sorry to be cute clothes.  I feel so homely all the time!  Oh, and energy.

What I am looking forward to: Obviously meeting miss Kate, but before that...our baby showers. :)  First one is 2 weeks from tomorrow!

Milestones:  Reaching the third trimester a few weeks ago was a pretty big one!