Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to Atlanta!

We made the move!

Well, we've been here since January 1, and we are finally pretty settled in our new place!  I know my way around, and we have established a sense of normalcy, so that's good.  Chick-fil-A wanted Brian really close to the store where he's an Interim Manager, which is in Lenox Square Mall in the Buckhead District of Atlanta.

Lenox Square Mall

So they put us about a half mile away in a nice apartment complex, Post Alexander.

Living Room
(I'll try to show you a better picture of the view on a day when it's not so foggy!)
Dining Area
(And doorway to laundry room behind the double doors.  The guest bedroom is to the right, guest bath to the left)
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom (sorry about blurriness)
Master Bath
Guest Bath
Guest Bedroom (had to take on the phone)

So, that's a short tour of our living situation right now!  We're enjoying it and we're very happy here.  We've had several visitors so far, and have had a blast showing them around.  Our latest visitors we took to the World of Coca-Cola.  We hadn't been since they re-did the museum and moved it next to the Georgia Aquarium.  We topped off the night with family-style Italian dining at Maggiano's!  (yummmm)

 (American Idol couch from Season 5)

(The vault that supposedly holds Coca-Cola's "secret recipe.")

And just for the fun of it, I'll leave you with a few of our other favorite spots since we moved to Atlanta.

Beauty and the Beast 3-D was our first movie seen here. :)

We have the privilege of having Andy Stanley as a pastor, as least while we're here.

 Buckhead Station:  It's right around the corner and has a few of my favorite stores.
 Grass-fed beef, build-your-own burgers, and sweet potato fries make this a winner for us!

 Huge chain...we know...but we've never lived close enough to take advantage.  YUM.

 It's no La Berry, but it's not bad. ;)

 Seasons 52:  A different menu every season, with 52 weeks of seasonal specials.  Awesome.

This gym is like two tenths of a mile from us and has the best rates and classes of anywhere I found.

That's just a few of our new favorites!
Have places that are must-sees, must-eats, must-do's, must visits, etc. from the Atlanta area?

We may have tried them and been less than impressed, but maybe not!  Leave me your comments about your favorite places in Atlanta.

Until next time...


  1. your new place looks nice!! andy stanley is really good... we are visiting a satellite church now that watches his messages :)

    have you been to chow baby? you HAVE to try that one if not... and I'm assuming you've been to the fox? i also love mary mac's tea room, the melting pot, south city kitchen... and I'm sure theres a million more, thats just what came to mind right away.

    1. Thanks, Lori! We're seriously having a ball here. And our location is a satellite location as well. :)

      And no to chow baby, yes to the fox. I'll look up Chow Baby! Never tried the tea rom, LOVE the melting pot (just haven't been to Atlanta's...but we have been to Dante's), and haven't tried South City Kitchen. We'll have to try them!!

  2. Deana, it looks like you are all settled in.I hope you enjoy the time you spend in Atlanta. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

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