Monday, September 26, 2011

How to: Customized Decorative Stand

We all have talents... but "crafting" was never one of mine!  Even as an adult, I have a hard time coloring inside the lines! :)  With that said though... I REALLY do enjoy craft projects.  So it occurred to me lately that although I don't have a knack for it and it doesn't come to me naturally, there's no reason I can't get better at it!  I mean, practice makes perfect, right? :)  So my goal is to at least try craft projects that I'm interested in.  I mean, what is there to lose?  (Except for valuable things like time and money...ha!)  As long as I keep the projects inexpensive, it's going to be a go from here on out!  I personally am very satisfied with the results of this experience.

This is an original idea, but I must say it's been derived from ideas like this DIY serving platter (by fellow blogger Jamie Cooks it Up) that I found through Pinterest.

I love these decorative stands because they were cheap, easy, and customized! I went to my local thrift store and dug around until I found the exact plates/chargers and bases that I wanted. I then went to Wal-mart and got spray paint colors of my choice and Gorilla glue! Here are my supplies and what I started with, as well as what it looked like when they were glued.

I paired the smooth charger with the smooth base (I think the bases were supposed to be chunky candle sticks), and the textured charger with the textured base. I chose a green color for my living room to go with my color scheme. 

I then "Gorilla glued" the chargers and bases together.  After they were completely dry, I spray painted!
 This is the end results below!  (I don't like the red and green together because it reminds of of Christmas, so that stuff is just there until I can get something else.)

I have these randoms on the green right now until I get different stuff to go on.  Probably several different size candles is what I'll end up doing.
The top of the bronze.  I like that it has a textured rim as opposed to the smooth rim of the green!
Finished product of the bronze.
The bronze is in our bedroom right now and is currently serving as my jewelry catch-all! :)
What do you think?  Let me know!
As for the next project... that's still undecided.  However, I'm thinking about doing something with Hodge Podge!

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