Friday, September 16, 2011

25 Things About Me (That you probably don't know!)

*Drum roll, please..........*
It's my first blog post!

 Or at least it's my first post of another attempted blog...  For some reason I always lose interest!  I think it's actually finding the time to sit down and collect my thoughts.  I need more of that though, so here goes nothing! :)

One of my friends from college and fabulous blogger Lori (A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side) recently posted a blog about "25 Things About Me."  Since this is my first post, I thought it'd be a fabulous place to start.  Here we go...

1.  I take terrible care of my nails.  It's another one of those "time" issues.  I love to paint them, but when I do, I never keep up with the chipping, breaking, peeling, etc.  I do my best, but they look gosh awful right now.

2.  I'm only 1.2 lbs. away from losing 20 lbs. since the first of July!  I'm finally down to the weight that I was at my wedding.  Now, if I can just get to that college weight we'll be good! :)

3.  I really, really dislike talking on the phone.  REALLY dislike.  If I am totally bored and there is literally nothing else to do, then I'll do it.  (Example?  Driving!  :-x )  Someone has to be VERY important for me to suffer through phone calls.  It has to do with feeling restricted I think.

4.  I love eggs so much that I eat a "fried" (with cooking spray in a non-stick skillet) egg sandwich for lunch at least four days a week.  The eggs are accompanied by Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread, low fat cheese, and jalapeños or Tobasco sauce.
(True Story:  I -only- buy Eggland's Best Eggs.  They're way better for you.  Find out why.)

5.  (Speaking of fiber...)  My freshman year of college, while I was at Macon State, I worked at the Endoscopy Center of Middle Georgia, LLC (doctors of Gastroenterology Associates of Central Georgia) as a Medical Assistant.  My position was in recovery after patients had EGDs or Colonoscopies.  Besides the fact that the doctors and nurses were a pleasure to work with, I learned a great, great deal about the digestive track.  We're talking from the time it goes in to to the time it goes out.  :)  This proved particularly meaningful for me though because I was born with severe acid reflux (almost took my life as a baby) and I've had to control it all my life.  No worries though, it's second nature now.  After missing weeks of my senior year of high school simply because I was throwing up too much to go to school, the science behind what causes ARD helping me learn to keep it SO much under control that I forget about it most of the time.  I was also able to talk my Dad into getting his first colonoscopy (by my doctor of choice).  Once again, extremely important since my Dad's mother died from colon cancer.

6.  (Really, only number 6?)  I don't love movies.  They are SO LONG.  I have the hardest time sitting still and paying attention for that long...unless it's a favorite of mine.  (You know, like Twilight or Soul Surfer or Blind Side, etc. haha)  I'm also very picky about the movies that are worth my time.  I like what I like...what can I say?  That's not to say I won't sacrifice for the hubster or friends and family, but we're talking if I had my choice.

7.  I've started considering law school one day.  (Trust me, I'm as shocked as you!)  I have said over and over that I did not miss school and that I wouldn't be going back.  I even looked at people like they were nuts when people mentioned the desire to go to law school after being done with college.  However, a certain case changed things for me. (See the Lauren Giddings Murder).  I've always been fascinated by criminal law, but while following this case so closely, I've realized what a deep desire I really have for the right thing to be done.

8.  I could sing for hours.  Upon hours.  Seriously...just ask my husband, Brian!  I oodles and oodles of karaoke CD's, iTunes downloads, accompaniment/performance tracks.  And all but the songs I sing in church are for pure enjoyment!  Ever since high school I hardly sing at all.  Mainly because...well, where would I?  It used to be Chorus, Competition Trio (we came in second in State by 1 point difference out of 200!)  Church Choir, One Act Plays, School events/assemblies/talent shows, Funerals, Cherry Blossom Festival, Bass Pro Shop, Christmas events, etc.  I miss it a great deal!

9.  When I was like 12, I beat all the girls AND boys in the NFL's "Punt, Pass, and Kick" Competition held here in Macon.  It's a competition scored by how far and accurate one can, well, punt...pass...and kick a football.  The scores are then averaged together for one main score.  My strength was the punt because I was a soccer player.  Anyway, I had to go on to compete at the region and state levels (with my brother who also won his age group) and be put in the newspaper.  Just what EVERY middle school girl wants... too seem "boyish."  This was the age I had finally started to come out of my tom-boy phase!  I was mortified.

10.  Out of every major city I've ever been to, Boston is my absolute favorite.  While it's cold a lot, it has the most cozy and homey feel for a big city!  And history like that can't be found anywhere else either.

11.  I've seen the Grand Canyon four times from an airplane

12.  I was born in Fort Worth, Texas.  I spent most of my childhood in Live Oak, Florida, before ending up in Macon, Georgia.

13.  I love my almost 2-year-old Westie, Bella, like she's my child.  She acts just like a person, she has the best temperament of any dog I've ever owned, she's cute as can be (Bella as a puppy), and she's incredibly smart.  She literally comes and get us when she has to throw up so we can hold her over the toilet!  (It's true.  I couldn't make this stuff up!)  Her "I'm sick" whine is completely different from her "I have to potty" whine.

14.  I do not believe in ghosts.  I'll repeat, I do not believe in ghosts.  Now with that said, I saw SOMETHING in a hospital one time.  I ran so fast down the fall to where my Mom was she knew that I at least LOOKED like I'd seen a ghost!  I can still see her.  Old (and I mean old!), black woman; pink night gown and slippers; short, curly gray hair.  She stared at me so hard without looking away as I passed her in a hallway (with no doors) that she made me incredible uncomfortable.  When I turned around to see if she was still staring at me a few steps after I passed, she was  I do no believe in ghosts, but I have NO explanation for the experience I had that day.  My brother and Mom still remember my reaction!

15.  The only shorts I wear are athletic shorts.  Ever.  Period.  They are soooo uncomfortable and unflattering to me!

16.  MAC Studio Fix Makeup changed my life!  I'll never use anything else.

17.  I can cook, and I actually really enjoy cooking...  If someone else goes to the grocery store and picks up the ingredients for me!  There's nothing worse than skimming aisles for ingredients you rarely use, so you don't know where to look and you can't find them.  Uggghhh.  (Note to self:  Remember, patience is a virtue!)

18.  I can pop both my big toes on command.

19.  I learned every single book of the Bible in second grade, and I can still recite them to you now.  Seriously, that's the best, most useful school assignment I've ever had.

20.  It's rare that you see me without a water bottle in hand--no matter where I am.

21.  I -love- the idea of being crafty, and I thoroughly enjoy making, creating, painting, arranging, etc. anything... but I'm just not GOOD at it. haha.

22.  Favorite Bible verse ever:  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."
--Proverbs 3:5-6.  What a promise!

23.  If my feet wouldn't sweat and people wouldn't give me funny looks, I'd wear boots year-round.  LOVE boots. :)

24.  If I could live my life over, there are things I would CHANGE!  I have never, ever understood the whole "If I could do it over, I wouldn't change a thing" stance.  Are you kidding me??  I wouldn't have wasted time letting my body be obese and unhealthy taking years off my life, I wouldn't have said hurtful things out of anger, I'd have spent way more time with my Grandmother before she died since she was my only grandparent I ever knew...  And the list goes on and on.

25.  I use "..." all the time because I'm a News Producer, and that's how we write for the teleprompter.  

So, that does it.  Blog post #1.  

Throughout this new blog, I want to try things that help me keep my interested.  In other words, I don't need a public, online diary where I share every inner thought of every day! haha.  So, if you see cool ideas or have any suggestions for posts, labels, topics, etc...let me know.

XOXO!  (Who am I, Gossip Girl?)

Make that XXOO!! :)

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  1. love the blog- super cute layout... and congrats on the weight loss... i understand how frustrating it is! i would follow, but i dont see the option? ill check back later! :)