Saturday, September 17, 2011

Freaky Fridays--my fave pointed toe flats under fire!

Do you ever have those moments on Fridays that just don't belong on one of the happiest days of the week?  It's the little things--or big things--that just put a damper on what would otherwise be a perfect start to the weekend!  To capture these little pesky little moments, I'm going to try a weekly Freaky Fridays blog! 
 So without further ado, here's my Freaky Friday moment for the week.

I've been meaning to remember to take pictures of my outfits every day of the week for a new blog (explanation post for a different day).  Needless to say, I keep forgetting to snap the pictures.  So today as I was getting dressed for work, I made a mental note that I -would- remember to take a picture today!

So, half the day's gone and I still haven't taken a picture.  I totally had forgotten.  But I was about to remember soon enough!  Long story short, my Mom ended up coming over to my apartment on my dinner break from work.  We had a nice visit, but as we were walking back out to get in our cars (I was headed back to work, she was headed home), she takes a look at my outfit and notices my shoes...they were grey, suede, pointed toe flats.  She says, "Are you sure pointy-toe shoes are still in style?  I don't ever see anyone where them."  I tried explaining to her than nothing goes better with skinny jeans than a leg-lengthening pointed toe shoe!  But she didn't get it... 

This week's Freaky Friday moment:  Having to listen to listen to my 50-something-year-old mother attempt to give me a lesson in fashion.

However, I absolutely loved my outfit today!  Although it was under attack, it reminded me to snap a pic of clothing choice for the day!  Unfortunately, you are seeing the half-done version because it was taken by a co-worker at 10:45 p.m. :)  Earlier in the day I had on bracelets, my hair was fixed, and my shirt wasn't wrinkled!

Shirt: Stein Mart sale (It has a lot of pretty embroidery and lace detail that doesn't show up in the picture.)
Black skinnies: Old Navy sale
Grey Pointed Toe Flats: DSW clearance (They have tiny, round, metal studs on the top that don't show up.)

And just in case you're wondering, pointed-toe flats are still hot, hot, hot!!  ESPECIALLY for Fall 2011.  (Ugh, what do Moms know?!)

The above picture is from online fashion magazine niche.  
It's an article on Fall 2011's "must have shoes."  I highly recommend the article!

Here are a few of my personal favorites...from bargain to splurge!

Well, that concludes my Freaky Friday moment.  I'm going to try and post every Friday.  I'd really love to hear about yours too!  (Even if you have to write about it on Saturday or Sunday!  :) 

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