Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday--Playing Catch-up

What I Wore Wednesday...
Ok, so I'm most definitely playing catch-up here!  I've been just plain terrible about taking pictures the last few weeks or so.  For last week's post I had only taken one picture the whole I skipped the post all together and decided to add it to this week.  :)  However, I must say that I haven't been that good at taking pictures this week either.

You could say I've been distracted:
*We're moving soon (like, within the month)...but we still don't know where or exactly when.
 *We've launched a new news operating system at work that's caused us to log some MAJOR overtime hours.  (Great on the pay check, bad on the exhaustion level)
*The month of October meant baseball playoffs and the World Series for FOX (good for the station, hard on the news crew).  This meant loooong hours, more major overtime, and little sleep.
*Brian was gone for 3 weeks in October taking an Interim Management class for Chick-fil-A (hence the imminent move).  I missed him, barely got to talk to him because of opposite and intense schedules, I was always on edge coming in after late hours at work, and this list goes on etc., etc., etc.

Combine little sleep with high stress levels...and let's just say it's been a hard month.
I've been sick a seems that I have this horrible cold that's sooo persistent.  I get rid of it (so I think), and then it just comes right back!

Ok, now that I vented about that...LOL...I'll say things have definitely eased up and taken a turn for the better.  After a busy, busy weekend...I realized JUST how much I needed sleep (ya know, because I literally crash at my brother's baseball game for the first time in my life!)...and I've definitely caught the past few days.  I can already tell my immune system is stronger, and I'm kicking this cold goodbye for the FINAL time...(please?!)

Another sign of better days to come?  I've actually managed to put together a What I Wore Wednesday post! haha.  What's that?  Thanks for asking...

If you're a follower, you already know this, but for first-timers...WIWW wasn't my idea. A blogger named Lindsey came up with an idea to share outfits as motivation to put effort into getting dressed. Visit her blog by clicking the button below!

pleated poppy

Friday, October 21, 2011
LONG work-day!  And the picture is taken AFTER work...haha.  Can we say rough?!
Black skinnies: Old Navy (on sale)
Brown flat boots: Target
Gray sweater:  Kohl's (Lauren Conrad)

Friday, October 28, 2011
Work day

Blue sweater tunic:  Express (years ago!)
White tank:  New York & Co.
Black leggings: Forever 21

Black, flat faux suede boots: Wal-mart (and I love them!)
Bangles:  Charming Charlie

Sunday, October 30, 2011 (evening)
Headed to a "Halloween" get-together.
I didn't dress up because I wasn't feeling well at all.  Sad. :(
Light orange-"ish" and gray striped tunic:  Dress Up Boutique (Dahlonega, GA)
Gray leggings:  Forever 21
Brown riding boots: fab'rik boutique (Macon, GA)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Work day

Rust-colored dress:  Dress Up Boutique (Dahlonega, GA)
Brown belt:  Dress Up Boutique (Dahlonega, GA)
Brown leggings:  Forever 21

Camel-colored, heeled boots: fab'rik boutique (Macon, GA)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Work day

Multi-print tunic:  Ross (Angie)
Black leggings:  Forever 21
Black scarf:  
Dress Up Boutique (Dahlonega, GA)
Black, flat faux suede boots: Wal-mart

Ok, so my goal for next week...
is to take a picture EVERY day. :)

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Also, let me know if you're doing WIWW blog posts because I love reading those as well.



  1. Such a cute outfits! I love all of them!! :)

  2. Very cute! I love that gray shirt from Kohls...looks so comfy!